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Weleveld Estate

Overijssel, The Netherlands

There are plenty of lovely sights to behold in Weleveld. Two streams run through the estate, surrounded by the forest and meadows that contain all kinds of wildlife and birds. Learn about the castle that once stood here and enjoy the natural beauty!


The history of Weleveld goes back to 1244. Bernard and Otto van Weleveld built the first havezate, a manor, in 1300. The estate prospered and many van Welevelds held important political positions in the region. Weleveld’s apogee was in the 16th and 17th century with Sweder II Schele van Weleveld as the most prominent inhabitant. However a decline in the 17th century led to the demolition of the castle in 1804 and only the inner moat remains today. 

 In 1908 Mrs. C.M. Hänisch ten Cate, descendant of a well-known Almelo textile family, bought Weleveld as an investment in 1908. Her granddaughter,

Mrs. Carleen Kwint-Hänisch ten Cate and her husband Eric brought new life to the estate in 1998 when they decided to live in a converted farmhouse called ‘Jachthuis’ on an estate that now comprises 150 hectares.

As Weleveld had not been inhabited for 200 years, no large avenues or formal parks were ever created. This has enabled the original medieval ground plan to be preserved, with winding roads, patches of forest, and small fields and meadows surrounded by hedgerows and two streams. The estate is classified under the Natuurschoonwet (Estates Act 1928).

Nature Sports

Walking & Bike TrailsThe Kloosterpad walking trail joins 3 monasteries and has three different lengths: 5km, 8.5km and 11km mapped out in a booklet. The long distance international Marskramerpad trail crosses the estate.

All bike trails are part of the Regio Twente trails. Maps available at Rabo Scheele Pleisterplaats.

Golf – The Weleveld Golf course in Zenderen, Bekkingvelderweg 8, has characteristic natural elements such as the two streams, re-introduction of heather and many beautiful, mature and solitary oaks offering an oasis of tranquility. The 9-hole golf course has a total length of 5470m and a par of 70. Email:,Telephone +31 74 2661743.

Outdoor sports – ‘Opporren’ (Stir up) operates from a historic granary on the border of Weleveld estate. Clients are welcome for experience based learning. Great for team building events! Email:


Medieval Weleveld

This is a permanent exhibition about the early history of the estate. It is situated next to the ”huisplaats”, the site where Weleveld castle once stood. It consists of 35 man-size statues. They narrate the story of the first manor built by Bernard and Otto van Weleveld and at the same time give an insight into the social structure of Medieval society in Twente in the 1300’s.



Pleisterplaats - Refreshments, Museum and Camping!

The Ter Keurs family will warmly welcome you to their Pleisterplaats farm (“The stopping place”) at the Hertmerweg 37 in Hertme. This used to be an illicit pub where wagoneers could have a jenever to warm up. Today it is open for hot and cold refreshments as well as the typical Twentse krentenwegge (a sort of local cake with dried grapes). The farmhouse shop sells estate products such as cheese, chutney, honey and the local Welevelder Spirit.

Melktap Weleveld – At the De Haar farm, Hertmerweg 35, Hertme, you can enjoy fresh milk, yoghurt, other milk products and fresh eggs.

The Pleisterplaats museum shows the seven hundred years of history through prints, photographs and newspaper cuttings.

Camping – The orchard next to the farm serves as a camping site for up to 25 campers. Prior registration is required:

Restaurant De Prinsen serves excellent food with fine matching wines. It is also a wineshop in the old schoolhouse. Open Tuesday till Saturday, 12.00 till 18.00, Sundays 14.00 till 17.00. Hoofdstraat 34, 7625 PE Zenderen. Tel +31 74 267 0115.

Landgoed Weleveld occurs early in history. Godfried van Weleveld is mentioned in 1244. Nowadays, Weleveld is best known for the beautiful typical Twente nature where many holidaymakers like to come for walking or cycling.


Please contact the estate directly for more information, questions or requests.


Weleveld estate 
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