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Valle Escondido

Catamarca, Argentina

In the Northwest of Argentina you will find the hidden treasure that is Valle Escondido. The 12,500 hectares of nature and wildlife offer a real taste of freedom as well as the most spectacular wild scenery. This estate is one of the pilot projects in Argentina, carrying out various activities of rural tourism, such as bird watching, horse riding, hunting and trekking.


The Estate is located on the “Sierra de Ancasti” mountain range. It is one of the best-preserved native forests in Argentina. A conservation management programme was started in 2007 and since then the estate has carried out conservation plans for valuable species of fauna such as the Andean Condor, Ocelot, Puma and also plant species like Podocarpus.

The main activity in Valle Escondido and Caraguay Lodge is the conservation and development of game animals. There are 12,500 hectares certified by the Wildlife Estates committee which include a variety of habitats

The Estate - Mountains & Wildlife

The mountains and altitude variation give rise to various ecosystems. 

The west hill belongs to the bioclimatic stage “Chaco Forest”. At around 800 m the vegetation consists of emblematic trees like “Quebracho” as well as spike shrubs. The summits vary between 1400 m to 2.000 m, with grassland and an incredible landscape. From the top of the mountain you can see the Andes Mountain range.

The east hill belongs to the bioclimatic stage “Yunga”. This kind of forest is very dense and evergreen and hosts a variety of rivers and small waterfalls.   

Valle Escondido has approximately 6,500 hectares of farmland. This attracts a population of golden eared doves, which is a spectacle in itself. Besides this, you can also spot the Andean condor, the Poma eagle, the Guaipo and the Darwin partridge on the estate. 

The estate manages more than 21,000 hectares of wildlife specialising in game hunting. Thanks to the variety of landscapes, there are many different species. For example fallow deer, black antelope, red deer, water buffalo, axis deer, puma, wild boar and the pecarí along with small game such as dove, pigeon, plain partridges, Andean grouse, duck and snipe.

Nature Sports and Surrounding visits

Discover the beauty of nature on the estate by bike on a special bike trail, by walking in the forest, by horse or during a safari. For real nature lovers there is also the possibility to have a day of bird watching or swimming. Escondido also offers controlled small and large game hunting.


If you are more interested in cities, then there is the possibility to organise a city trip and enjoy the beautiful architectural and historical sites nearby.

In Catamarca you can visit some typical Argentine bodegas – this is the Spanish word for wine cellar. In the neighbourhood of Catamarca you can find many different bodegas. In Pomana, Bethlehem, Santa Maria and Tinogasta you can find 12 bodegas, 8 of which are in Tinogasta. At these bodegas, you can taste wine, join guided tours and buy the wines that you have tasted. There are also theatres and museums in the city of Catamarca.

Estate Products and Shop

Produce from the estate can be bought in the estate shop. Fruits, gifts, juices, marmalade/jams, meat and vegetables are all available and produced naturally from the estate grounds. If you like to taste the products first, before you buy them, this is not a problem so please enjoy!

Beer, cheese and sausages, farm products and also whisky and wine are all waiting to be sampled. For drinks and dinner, you can go to the bar, café or restaurant. Another pleasant way to enjoy the tasty estate products is to take them with you on a picnic into the forest, on the estate or in the beer garden.

Private Lodges

Great hospitality, excellent food and service await you!

The Caraguay Lodge was built in 2008 and offers 7 double rooms. The accommodation is in comfortable hunting lodges and mountain refuges. The private lodges have all the necessary amenities and the staff provide excellent hospitality making you feel right at home.

Weddings and Private Events

Something to celebrate? You can have your anniversary, family gathering or wedding at this beautiful estate in Argentina! Or are you looking for a more serious get together, like a meeting, reunion or mourning? This is also possible on this estate.

The ultimate Wildlife destination in South America with a real taste of freedom in a remote corner of this vast country.


Please contact the estate directly for more information, questions or requests.


Valle Escondido
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