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Malmgård Estate

Southern Finland

An historic estate located in Southern Finland that focuses on organic farming and produces organic flours and ales for sale in the farm shop. Visit the mansion house in the summer and treat yourself to a Finnish meal with ale at the converted farmhouse.


Malmgård Estate dates back to the early 17th century and has now been 13 generations in the Creutz family. The manor has a unique history by Finnish standards; the name of the owners has been Creutz since 1614. The current owners, the Count brothers Henrik and Fredrik Creutz and their families, represent the 13th generation of owners of Malmgård Estate.

The manor house at Malmgård Estate was built in 1885. The two-storey building has elements of northern French renaissance and the main building material is uncovered brick. The interiors are represented in various historical styles with sumptuous wall and ceiling paintings.

The English inspired gardens were partially set up in line with drawings from 1884. Several farm buildings dating back to the late 18th century.

In 1995 Malmgård became one of the first certified organic farms in Finland. Today, the Malmgård Estate specializes in organic farming, local foods, tourism and beer brewing. Forestry and hunting have also been an important part of the estate.

Visits to Malmgård Estate

The Estate shop & brewery pub is open around the year.

The manor house of Malmgård is a private home and welcomes visiting pre-booked visitors from May through September.

Bookings of the café and the brewery pub can be made throughout the year. Beer tastings can also be organized by request.

Malmgård Estate is located in Loviisa, 1 hour from Helsinki.

The Café & Pub

There is a café and pub attached to the shop and the brewery. The cafe welcomes visitors for light pre-booked meals. Pre-booked beer tastings are available around the year. 

The pub is open together with the estate shop.

Malmgård Brewery

Malmgård brewery produces over ten products now considered regular favourites, in batches of 2000 litres. The Malmgård beers are unfiltered ales, produced naturally and without any extra additives. The products are praised for their consistent quality and excellent taste. The beer is the result of careful craftsmanship. We use carefully selected hops and malt, ancient grains and clean, local water.

The Estate Shop

In the estate shop we grind and sell our organically grown barley, einkorn, emmer, oats, rye, spelt and wheat in their various forms. We want to help our clients to bake, prepare muesli, porridges and bread products with fresh organic flour and flakes as the basic ingredients.

The customers can even grind their own flour in the shop if they so wish. Freshness is our key focus this keeps all nutrients intact.

Other locally produced food products and beers from the breery are sold in the shop.

Try some thirst quenching cool Finnish ale. Fruits juices and cider is also available! Orders can be made by email!


Please contact the estate directly for more information, questions or requests.


Malmgård 47
07720 Malmgård

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