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Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve

Blekinge, South Sweden

Welcome to the largest game reserve in the Nordic region. Meet the wildlife on the animal’s terms, enjoy gastronomic delights with meals made with love and wake up with wild animals by staying at the Safari villa or luxury glamping.


Eriksberg has a long tradition of caring for wild animals, dating back to the 1940’s when the internationally famous author, zoologist and nature photographer Bengt Berg took over the estate. He fenced the area to research deer stags to breed a good strain of them, protected wild eagles and brought the Canadian Goose to the country. He envisioned that Eriksberg would be a place to enjoy wild animals in a natural habitat.

After Bengt Berg’s death, his son Iens Illum Berg took over the farm and the animals. He made sure that the large enclosure was completed in 1979. In 2015 the enclosure expanded further and now covers approx.

925 hectares, one of the largest game enclosures in Northern Europe and the biggest safari park in Scandinavia.

Extensive culture investments have been made with Mellby Gård’s ownership since 2008, a high quality retail service owned by Rune Andersson. The farm now offers hotel rooms of a very high standard, where the theme of nature and animals is evident in all the furnishings.  There are also top-class restaurants with unique food and drink and where the locally produced game forms the basis of everything that is served. 

Eriksberg is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Blekinge Archipelago and Natura 2000.

Nature Reserve - on the animals’ terms!

The reserve holds 1,500 animals in summertime, when you can see the wild animals in their natural environment; Red deer, Fallow deer, Père David’s deer, Wild boar, Wisent or European bison and Mouflons roam freely together. Here, biodiversity has been preserved and developed into one of the most interesting areas in Scandinavia

European Bison walksEriksberg conducts special guided walking safaris for nature enthusiasts to see the bison close up. Seeing bison close up this way and, if you are in luck, near the sea is not possible anywhere else in the world.

Safari vehicleExperience the game reserve with the new Toyota Land Cruiser Game Viewer in a way that has not been possible before. The car has been customised to take visitors out in all weathers at any time of the day or night – from hot summer days to icy winter nights.

Art design by NatureEnjoy all the beauty that nature has created over a long period of time – from the ice age when the area was covered in 3km of ice, to the present day. The park has beautiful works of art designed by nature!

Overnight stays - wake up with the wild animals outside.

Selected in 2019 as the most luxurious Private Game Reserve in Northern Europe, this estate is like a wild African lodge in the south of Sweden. The surrounding area features buildings from the 16th century, offering comfortable accommodation and top-notch restaurants. 

Eriksberg’s objective is based on the long term safekeeping and protection of animals, nature and biodiversity. As a guest on the estate you get to see the variety of animals in their natural habitat. Choose from a wide selection of exquisitely furnished rooms with different themes and subdued elegance.

Sateriet: A separate building with 3 rooms of classic sober elegance overlooking the Savannah below

Safarivillan: A spacious light villa with 9 rooms offering views of the Remmarna.

Mahravillan: A villa with 4 rooms all offering panoramic views and a light beautiful setting.

Dammvillan: A half-timbered house with 4 rooms by a large pond.

Jagarvillan: Simpler accommodation for self-catering.

Kyrkesta: A renovated croft to live like farmers did 150 years ago – no electricity or water!

Glamping: Glamorous camping in a designer linen tent on a mountain with views over the lake! Switch off the phone and turn on nature!! “The tent’s location near the lake, on a mountain which is about 2 000 million years old will create memories for life”, Bertil Harström, architect.

NEW! Synvillan: The AMAZING Illusion villa hovers above the ground with walls of reflective steel plate to dissolve into nature and a glass slab in the floor to spy on the wildlife below! “One can expect an experience that is out of the ordinary”, Thomas Sandell, architect.

Restaurants - All the food on Eriksberg is made with love!

A visit to one of the restaurants is a gastronomic experience for all the senses, with a personal reception and harmonious atmosphere that follows the seasons at Eriksberg. The game from the estate is a central ingredient of all the menus. Eriksberg is a complete experience, where the food and drinks are unique and their own raw materials are the basis for everything that they serve.

Visenten Restaurant is named by the renowned White Guide as the best in Blekinge. When the enclosure is open in the summer an à la carte menu is served. Otherwise lunch is served every day. Menus can be composed for large groups according to any special requests.

Havsörnen Restaurant is located in the classic, understated elegance of the manor house. Here, the head chef offers the ‘Best of Eriksberg’, a 5-course menu based on the best seasonal produce. Afternoon tea is also served on certain Sundays. Havsörnen seats 60 guests.

Wines: Several beverage tastings (wine, whisky and beer) are organised by the chef and/or sommelier. The wine cellar is enormous and is, with 9,000 bottles, one of the best wine cellars of Northern Europe to combine food and wine experiences beyond the ordinary!

Private Events, Weddings, Reunions…Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve, with its astonishing views and wildlife, is a unique location allowing you to get together for anniversaries, family gatherings, meetings, reunion, weddings and more. Please contact the estate for the possibilities.

Conference Rooms

All conference rooms are unique in buildings five centuries old and have been designed to give and create inspiration. All conference rooms are fully equipped and have natural daylight.  

Team building activities and outdoor adventure can also be organised. 

Farm shop

The farm shop of Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve sells various local products such as game, gifts, jams, meat, spices, tea, coffee and souvenirs. The souvenirs are made of horns from the wildlife from the estate. 


Where being away from home is at its best!

“We will create new places and areas to show the urbanized man how animals and nature work” Bengt Berg


Please contact the estate directly for more information, questions or requests.


Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve 
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