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Castello di Bagnolo

Piedmonte – Italy

A 1000 year old estate with a rich history offering holidays in restored farmhouses, a historic palazzo park, visits of beautiful frescoes dating from the 13th to 15th century and some excellent wines! Lying in the foothills of the mountains, the Castello di Bagnolo is a wonderful retreat for holidays or your special events.


In the mid-13th century, the d’Isola family, who came from the Savoie region, was entrusted with the 10th century estate and they have remained here to this day.

The earls of Bagnolo were always faithful to the Duchy of Savoy and have defended the estate with honour for more than seven centuries.

The fortress, built entirely in stone with three lines of defence walls, was considered invincible. It was occupied only once, in 1664, by the army of the King of France but thanks to a treaty, it was not attacked. The fortress played an important role at the end of World War II when it was used as a refuge for the partisans of the resistance in the fight against the Nazis and Fascists.

In the 1960s with the rural exodus to the cities and factories, agriculture almost disappeared. In the 1970’s the uncultivated land was re-forested with the planting of 60,000 trees. The meadows for sheep farming, some acres of cereal and a few acres of vineyards are all that remain today. The restoration of the old vineyards managed by Hilario Oreglia d’Isola, tourist activities such as visits to the park and the castle as well as hospitality events and renting the restored farmhouses all help to maintain the precious monuments and the beautiful landscape.

The present owner is Baroness Consolata d’Isola Solaroli is married to professor and architect, Baron Aimaro Oreglia d’Isola. Much of her lifetime has been spent taking care of the estate. They have two sons: Saverio and Hilario.

Holiday stays - Agriturismo

Choose between three ancient stone farmhouses built between 1500 and 1800 among 50 hectares of meadows, vineyards, orchards and centuries-old woods. Recently restored as charming rustic holiday accommodation each with its own well, wood oven, porch or barn, and large green and flowered spaces to experience the countryside. The farmhouses are divided into apartments.

The Mill

The hydraulic mill, formerly intended for the production of flour, was restored in 2018. Surrounded on one side by the Grana stream and on the other by the canal, the Mill sits on a small green island.  The mill wheel now produces electricity and the old barn has a glass hall with a view of the castle and the mountains. Next to the house, once intended for the miller’s family, is an apartment called LA MOLINAIA which was restored in spring 2019. There is a private pool for the two apartments.

Bruce farmhouse

Reached after 1 km of a private road through woods and vineyards, the farmhouse consists of a main building where the common living room is located and includes three apartments: LA VECCHIA, TINAGGIO and CRAVOT.

Castlin farmhouse

From a historical and architectural point of view this farmhouse is one of the most interesting on the estate, built around 1500 on a medieval tower and has a panoramic view overlooking the plain. There is a historic well with a plaque dedicated to King Emanuele Filiberto (1690) and a bread oven. In the middle of a beautiful lawn with a view lies the 20 m southern facing swimming pool. It includes the VITE, TORRE and COLONNE apartments.

Bedassot farmhouse

In the heart of the estate this farmhouse is made of two buildings with stone slate roofing and is divided into three apartments with castle and mountain views: MANGIATOIA, POZZO e FORNO. Surrounded by meadows and vineyards the house is located about 300 meters from the swimming pool.


The sunny slopes, around 500 mt. above sea level, with fresh air influence of the Alps produce some excellent traditional red wines full of originality and temperament. Three different wines are produced : Malingro perfect with meat and local cheeses, Arbi a mix of Merlot and Shiraz aged in 3rd generation oak barrels and Set, meaning seven from the old dialect, a lighter ‘easy to drink’ wine.

Weddings and events

The Castello di Bagnolo is a beautiful setting for all celebrations and business events. Private guided tours can be arranged as well as delicious meals.

Filmsets - Photo shoots

Use the backdrop of this beautiful estate for film sets or professional photoshoots.

Wildlife & historic sites

On and around this beautiful estate you will find botanical, historical, ancient rural and forestry parks full of wildlife and birds. Nearby you can visit historical villages with churches, cathedrals and monasteries. For nature lovers there are forests, hills, meadows and mountains to be explored.

Estate shop

Many different products, such as dairy, fish, fruits, game, meat, poultry, spirits and vegetables. The juices, marmalades and wines are all produced on the estate.

Castello di Bagnolo –A rich history and a wonderful retreat in the foothills of the


Please contact the estate directly for more information, questions or requests.


Via Palazzo 23
Bagnolo Piemonte – Cuneo

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