Glamping at Eriksberg

Eriksberg in Blekinge, Sweden

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Glamping at Eriksberg

You can now stay in an architectural glamping tent, with stunning views of one of the reserve’s lakes as well as one of the largest concentrations of red water lilies. The architect Bertil Harström, who designed several of the renowned Treehotels, is the brainchild of this tent. 

“Glamping fits Eriksberg perfectly. To fall asleep and wake up surrounded by the wilderness creates memories that last." 

The glamping tent at Eriksberg is hand made out of linen. The decoration in the tent is designed to be unique and fit the concept, with linen as a recurring textile, furniture carcasses of turned oak as tent poles and solid brass fittings, in line with the timeless and exclusive design. The glamping tent is movable and only leaves insignificant traces, just as regular camping would. 

“The tent’s location near the lake, on a mountain which is about 2,000 million years old will create memories for life”, says Bertil Harström.

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