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Lütetsburg Castle

North Germany (7km from the North Sea)

In the north of East Frisia, just a stone’s throw away from the Unesco World Heritage Wadden Sea, is Lütetsburg or Lütsbörg, as we North Germans say in Platt. This estate is rich in its history, culture, nature, parks and forests and sports facilities and offers a host of possibilities from staying in tree houses to weddings to corn mazes, nature sponsorship or a burial forest and much more!


Lütetsburg Castle, a symbol of East Frisia’s tradition, had an eventful history. The castle, first built in the Baroque Classic Style, was totally destroyed in a fire in 1893 that was triggered by a falling Christmas tree. Subsequently, the castle was rebuilt in the Neo-Renaissance style however bombs during WWII and a second fire in 1956 meant the castle had to be restructured again. This was carried out by Hans Heinrich von Oppeln leaving a more modern style on the foundations of the previous buildings that include 2 towers, the deep moat and old castle walls.

The family of Count zu Innhausen und Knyphausen have lived here for generations. Today, castle owner Count Tido zu Innhausen und Knyphausen (1972) and his wife Margareta zu Innhausen und Knyphausen – von Strantz (1977) live here with their four children. They have created a modern home with a feel-good atmosphere combining historic elements like armour with 1960’s charm.

©Friederike Hegner

©Friederike Hegner

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Discover and Learn about the castle garden and park

There are guided tours organised at the Schlosspark to help get to know the exotic plants and rare botanically species of the – for East-Friesland – unique landscape garden. Gain an insight into the special garden architecture of the historical castle garden. 

Otherwise take advantage of the audio guides! Recently available, they are linked to signposts which will lead you in the right directions along the route. This allows you to learn more about the exciting background of the Schlosspark, hear some interesting anecdotes and get to know a lot more about the history of the park and the family zu Innhausen und Knyphausen.

Audio guides are also available for children who can follow the conversation of the bird Merle and the castle gardener which leads to a surprise at the end!

A highlight for children are the small motorised cars which they can drive through the park and then pick up a ‘driver’s licence’ in the park shop.

Schlosspark café and Schatthuus Lütetsburg.

The Schlosspark cafe offers homemade regional and seasonal specialties in the former greenhouse or, on sunny days, out on the terrace.

The Schatthuus Lütetsburg offers fine dishes from stews to fresh fish and is set in the historic barn

Tree houses

Experience nature up close – in exclusive, high-quality furnished tree houses in the middle of the forest landscape of Schloss Lütetsburg in East Frisia.

The three tree houses Voss (fox), Dacks (badger) and Reei (roe deer) offer a very special atmosphere. Thanks to a large sleeping gallery with a 180x200cm bed and a separate bedroom with a bunk bed (90x200cm each), our tree houses can be occupied by up to 4 people each.

Each treehouse also has a shower room, a cloakroom and a cozy living and dining room with a built-in kitchen. Through the large panoramic window you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the wide, well-tended landscape of the near-natural golf course Schloss Lütetsburg.

Enjoy nature on the sundeck and let your mind wander. The location of the tree houses in absolute quiet. So calm that deer, foxes and other forest animals come up close to the tree houses at night.

Wi-Fi and TV are available, but actually, the view is more than enough! You decide!



(c)Markus Bollen

Climate and Nature Protection,

The Lütetsburg estate has always been committed to climate and nature protection and gives all visitors the opportunity to participate in our efforts to do so. Through planting and sponsoring trees, sponsoring bee hives and ‘air bee and bee’s’ and carbon dioxide compensation as well as other projects, you can help by doing your bit!

Just a 5 km drive from the estate you will find Wadden Sea, a UNESCO site which has been under protection for more than a generation. Around 10,000 species of unicellular organisms and fungi grow alongside the plants and animals. It showcases in a unique way how plants and animals adapt to the ever-changing landscape providing a home for flora and fauna that has become rare elsewhere. The bird migration is most spectacular in spring and autumn with several million birds migrating to the Wadden Sea.

Weddings and other celebrations

Experience the most beautiful day of your life in front of the historical and romantic backdrop of the Lütetsburg Palace Park for both civil and church weddings. Celebrations can then continue at either the Culture Barn or the Restaurant & Cafe Schatthuus.

Civil ceremony in the Temple of Friendship

Built in 1799, the Temple of Friendship is located in the immediate vicinity of Lütetsburg Castle and offers space for a maximum of 40 guests. Please inquire about vacancies and prices at the registry office in Hage:

Church wedding in the Nordic Chapel

The Nordic Chapel, located in the heart of Schlosspark Lütetsburg, is available for your wedding with a priest. The atmospheric wooden chapel accommodates up to 25 guests.


The Country Club with two 9-hole golf courses is located next to the castle park. As a guest player or club member you are welcome to play here. It is possible to book a lesson with the professionals or to play by yourself. The course includes several ponds, well-maintained greens and fairways amongst the diverse wildlife. The Golf Club Schloss Lütetsburg is a place of contrasts.   A predominantly links-course in the midst of beautiful natural scenery, with the bracing North Sea wind and high salt content in the air, playing golf here is more than a sport: it is a challenge, recreation and socializing at the same time. For more information check the golf course website. (


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Park Shop

Beautiful and useful things for both old and young can be found in the park shop. These include fine wines from the Baron Knyphausen estate, souvenirs of the product line created especially for the castle park along with drawings of historical costumes and paintings of the family of Lütetsburg Castle. Golf accessories are also available.

For the adventurous amongst our young visitors there is a wide range of research equipment available, with which every last corner of the castle park can be explored.

You can also buy firewood and lumber that comes from our sustainably managed forests.

Burial Forest

Tread the last path in harmony with nature and find gentle tranquility below the treetops of the forest – framed by impressive beech, oak and maple trees, you have the special option of a dignified resting place at the foot of a tree in the forest cemetery, located on the edge of the Lütetsburg castle park. For more details : please check the website


Discover approximately 3,000 hectares of hunting grounds, where fallow and roe deer and wild boar live in plentiful numbers. To watch the fallow deer in the rutting season is an unforgettable experience. After a successful day’s hunting you can celebrate by sharing a beer round the campfire.

At various times of year, the estate offers joint sitting weekends where hunting takes place over two days in the Lütetsburg district.  Wild game can be hunted free of charge during the hunting season.

If desired, a team of highly trained hunters and hunting assistants is at your disposal. Check the website  of Schloss Lütetsburg for more information about hunting in Lütetsburg. 

Game meat which is certified 100% organic, is available for sale in limited amounts at Christmas time.



For Christmas, come and pick and saw! your own tree to bring home and decorate! A wonderful Christmas tradition!


Please contact the estate directly for more information, questions or requests.


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