Twickel estate - Overijssel - the Netherlands

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Walking trails 

Twickel offers many hiking opportunities. In the estate shop you can buy a map of the estate with the various trails. One of the hiking trails is the Umfassungsweg, a hiking trail of approximately 11 km that shows the most beautiful landscapes of the estate Twickel. The path includes the 'heart' of the estate and gives you an excellent impression of the variety of the Twents' landscape. During opening hours, you can also stroll through the castle gardens.


Horseback riding 

The Twickel estate offers a beautiful landscape for horseback riding. On the estate are two horse trails. The estate map shows a 14 km long trail over the Deldeneresch and Hellecater field (Twickel) and a 5.5 km long tail around the Fliermenen in the South of Twickel.


Historical and architectural sites 

At the estate you will find various historical sites such as the mill (1347) where flax seed is pressed into oil, the sawmill (1775) which was originally powered by a windmill and later by a steam engine, the car factory where you can see how cars and carriages where made in the old days and the museum farm which shows the rural life up until the 1950s.


Download the brochure to find out more about Twickel Estate. 


Enjoy the various landscape of Twickel.