Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt - Guelders - the Netherlands

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Historical sites

The Mariënwaerdt estate has fourteen monumental farmhouses with various haystacks and flood barns. On the ruins of the ancient abbey A.O.R.F. van Bylandt founded the mansion of Mariënwaerdt, right after his purchase of the estate in 1734. The cellars of the mansion are the previous refectory of the abbey, the only part that was kept intact and was in use up to 1949. Otto baron van Verschuer (1927) and his wife Catharina van Verschuer-Van Sminia (1927) are currently the residents of this mansion.


Vegetable garden

The 19th century design for the vegetable garden is based on the former abbey gardens and their system of crop rotation. The garden is divided into blocks with every year seeing a different crop to prevent exhaustion and related diseases. The apple and pear trees are pruned in such a way that they offer lovely views. In the middle of the garden is a water pump and three greenhouses. In the garden there is also an orangery where potplants overwinter.


Guided tours

There are guided tours to the mansion of Mariënwaerdt and its 19th century vegetable garden. These guided tours are available for groups and during the various fairs for individual persons as well.



Mariënwaerdt has 40 national monuments, including fourteen monumental farmhouses and many hay barns.