Jordberga Gård - Skåne Län - Sweden

To see

The South of Sweden is well-known for its vast beaches and gastronomic delights. Skåne is characterized by large forests, natural parks and many walking and cycling trials. The flat landscape makes it ideal for cycling tours through the forests or along the rugged coastline.


National Parks

Just a one hour drive away you will find two amazing national parks: Söderåsen and Stenshuvud. Söderåsen National Park is a paradise for adventurous people. The legend goes that the 150 million years old park with its magnificent views and wild nature was formed by giants!  Visit Kopparhatten, a lookout and one of the highest peaks of Skåne. Stenshuvud National Park is totally different with its sandy beaches, heath land and a breath-taking coastline in the South-East of Sweden.


City trip Malmö

40 km from Jordberga Gård you will find the modern and friendly city of Malmö with many sight-seeing opportunities. The Turning Torso is THE icon of the city. Architect Santiago Calatrava  designed the spectacular 190 metre high tower building which turns 90 degrees from top to bottom. Lilla Torg, where you will find cosy bars and trendy restaurants, is the heart of Malmö. Next to this, many historical and cultural sites are worth a visit like Malmöhus Castle (one of the oldest castles from the Renaissance period), St. Petri Kyrka (the oldest building in Malmö dating back to the 14th century), Ribergsborg Kallbadhuset (an historic bathing house), Moderna Museet (a museum with contemporary art) and Malmö Live.


A versatile landscape with large forests and rugged coastlines.