Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve - Blekinge - Sweden

to sleep

New Chalet - as of April 2020!

Like a mirage on the 2 billion-year-old mountain on the Baltic Sea shore at Mahraviken stands the mirror house built with stainless steel and glass, a thatched roof on shiny steel pillars. The perception of hovering in the air and being at one with nature and the animals is a feeling that creates calm and humility. In the 1940s, Eriksberg's founder Bengt Berg wrote that “we will create new places and areas to show the urbanized man how animals and nature work”. At Eriksberg, biodiversity has been preserved and developed into one of the most interesting areas in Scandinavia. Now we continue developing it to the next level so more and more people can experience it up close with different hotelrooms among nature. We give our visitors opportunities for close contact with the nature and the animals. We increase the understanding that we take care of our nature in the best way and in the long term.

Craft meets high-tech. Architect Thomas Sandell has in this house and place captured Eriksberg's DNA in a good way. The building's modern expression in design combined with the site itself and its history interact in a natural way.


“Eriksberg's beautiful nature park now offers the opportunity for a nature and architectural experience that allows the visitor to get really close to the animals. We have designed a house whose shape is inspired by the traditional Swedish house. The roof is made of straw, but the walls are covered with a polished patterned steel plate, whose reflective properties are aimed to make the illusion of a dissolved house, which disappears into nature. It levitates above the ground and seemingly hovers over a feeding place where the  animals come to eat. Visitors can follow that scene just a few meters from the animals through a glass slab in the floor.

In this hiding place between nature and culture, the traditional and modern, one can expect an experience that is out of the ordinary”. Thomas Sandell, Architect.



Eriksberg hotel is located in buildings from five different centuries, with exquisitely furnished rooms with different themes and subdued elegance. It is surrounded by the largest safari park and enclosed nature reserve in the Nordic region, with great bio-diversity, located in the countryside and the beautiful archipelago of Blekinge.



In the park they have a croft called Kyrkesta, probably built in the mid-1820s. During the summer of 2017 this was renovated so visitors can live like the farmers did 150 years ago, with simple accommodation without electricity and water, but with the experience of living in the park surrounded by nature. Meals are offered in the restaurant on the farm.




You can now stay in an architect-designed glamping tent, with stunning views of one of the reserve’s lakes as well as one of the largest concentration of red water lilies. The architect Bertil Harström who designed several of the renowned Treehotels, is the mind behind this tent. 

“Glamping fits Eriksberg perfectly. To fall asleep and wake up surrounded by the wilderness creates memories that last”. 

The glamping tent at Eriksberg is hand made from linen and the decoration in the tent is designed to be unique and fit the concept, with linen as a recurring textile, furniture carcasses of turned oak as tent poles and solid brass fittings, in line with the timeless and exclusive design. The glamping tent is movable and only leaves insignificant traces, just as regular camping would. 

“The tent’s location near the lake, on a mountain which is about 2 000 million years old will create memories for life”, says Bertil Harström.





Where the contrasts between epochs and styles create a captivating and living atmosphere.