Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve - Blekinge - Sweden

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European Bison walks

Eriksberg conducts special guided tours for nature enthusiasts to see the bison close up, so-called walking safaris. Together with a guide, visitors can follow in the bison’s footsteps and get really close to them. Seeing bison close up this way and, if you are in luck, near the sea is not possible anywhere else in the world.


Safari vehicle

With the new Toyota Land Cruiser Game Viewer, the Nordic region’s largest game reserve can now be enjoyed in a way that has not been possible before. The car has been customised to take visitors out in all weathers at any time of the day or night – from hot summer days to icy winter nights.


They want to get as close to the wildlife as possible in order to create a real presence and to maximise the experience of the natural world, all year round, and with lots of options. Perhaps you would like a sundowner with food and drink at sunset, or you might want to spend all of your time observing as many species as possible.


Art design by Nature

Eriksberg wants people to stay on the estate and enjoy all the beauty that nature has created over a long period of time – from the ice age to the present day - and the evolution is still on-going. In the park they have several pieces of art designed by nature.


For more info regarding tours in the Wildlife Park, please contact the estate



A beautiful nature area in the Blekinge Archipelago!