Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve - Blekinge - Sweden

When being away from home is at its best!

Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve 

Selected in 2019 as the most luxurious Private Game Reserve in Northern Europe, this estate is like a wild African lodge in the south of Sweden. Consisting of more than 900 hectares, Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve is one of Northern Europe ́s biggest game reserves. The surrounding area of the farm features buildings from five centuries, offering comfortable accommodation and top-notch restaurants. The newly built hotel section, Residence Lily Croft, is located in a secluded part of the fenced area and is the perfect hideaway for meetings and overnight stays with amazing views. Glamping is now also available and as of April 2020, a new chalet will be available with views over the Baltic Sea! Check out "To sleep"!


Eriksberg’s objective is based on the safekeeping and protection of the animals, the nature and the biodiversity. As a guest on the estate you get to see the variety of animals in their natural habitat.


History of Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Eriksberg has a long tradition of caring for wild animals, dating back to the 1940’s when the internationally famous author, zoologist and nature photographer Bengt Berg took over the estate. He started to create a fenced area to conduct research on deer stags, wanting to breed a good strain of them. Berg is perhaps most famous for ensuring the protection of wild eagles in Sweden and he also brought the Canadian Goose to the country. He envisioned that Eriksberg would be a place to enjoy wild animals in a natural habitat.


After Bengt Berg’s death, his son Iens Illum Berg took over the farm and the animals. He made sure that the large enclosure was completed in 1979. In 2015 the enclosure expanded further and now covers approx. 925 hectares, which is one of the largest game enclosures in Northern Europe and the biggest safari park in Scandinavia.


Today the enclosure has 1,500 animals in summertime, when you can see the wild animals in their proper environment; red deer, fallow deer, Père David's deer, wild boar, European bison and mouflons roam freely together.


Extensive culture investments have been made during Mellby Gård's ownership since 2008. The farm now offers hotel rooms of a very high standard, where the theme of nature and animals is evident in all the furnishings.  There are also top-class restaurants with unique food and drink and where the locally produced game forms the basis of everything that is served. 


Owner: Rune Andersson

CEO: Per-Arne Olsson


Eriksberg is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Blekinge Archipelago and Nature 2000.


Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve is part of Melby Gård AB. In 1986, Rune Andersson started a farming and horse activity with the name Mellby Gård AB. The farm is located in Sösdala outside Hässleholm in Skåne and it has given its name to the whole group of companies.


Over the years, Mellby Gård has developed into an international group, which includes a number of companies within industry, retail & business services.


Melby Gård is a long term owner and primarily invest in companies which are number one or two in its market niche. The group has consistently shown a good profitability and low indebtness for many years.