La Nava - Madrid - Spain

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From the huge expanses of land dominated by endless, ancient olive groves, to the deep valleys and steep ravines covered with mastic trees and rich vegetation, the entire countryside at La Nava is cared for and worked on with total dedication, using a professional method of working and always focusing on organic and sustainable growth.


The Alcázar of Toledo, Alhambra of Granada and Mosque of Córdoba… These are some of the most unique places in the world, less than a two hour drive from La Nava. There are many cultural highlights in the surroundings since La Nava is easily accessible and only 2 hours away from Madrid, Cordoba, Granada and many more cultural sites.


The ‘Partridge’ Runway

A runway surrounded by nature. La Nava is the only private hunting and events organization in Spain that has its own runway, operating domestic and international flights with any business jet. Thanks to the runway, La Nava is no further away than any other world capital. The advantage we have? Well, when you land, you’ve already arrived at your destination.



Nature, tradition, exclusivity and the cutting-edge.