La Nava - Madrid - Spain

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Partridge shooting

During open season, from October 1 to February 28, La Nava offers the most successful hunters in the world, the opportunity to enjoy excellent partridge shooting. Tradition is important to us and at La Nava we keep certain customs alive such as serving and eating food outside on the land, hunting on horseback, trained hunting dogs and shooting points made from natural wood and vegetation.

A runway surrounded by nature

La Nava is the only private hunting and events organization in Spain that has its own runway, operating domestic and international flights with any business jet. We organise any kind of activity on a request, ensure complete privacy and highest service. Out of the season (March- October) our house can be used for all different kind of events or holidays.


Every event requires thorough preparation but at La Nava every detail is taken care of for you so as to ensure you can relax and make the most of this unique and unforgettable experience.


Where would you prefer to chat with your guests? On the terrace whilst admiring the idyllic sunset? In the main dining room with attentive service making sure your every need is catered for? Or perhaps you would prefer to relax by playing tennis or golf, cooling down in the pool or being indulged at the spa?


Young, professional and dynamic, our assistants, porters and drivers will ensure that your only concern is to aim, shoot and enjoy yourself.