Palacio de Prelo - Asturias - Spain

to eat & drink

At Palacio de Prelo both Continental and English breakfast is served. The gourmet (loose) tea list includes over 30 different varieties. For the evening, a carefully selected 3-course table d’hôte is offered to guests at € 25 (€ 32 incl. wines) per person. At lunchtime, guests might like to try some of the Western Asturias typical dishes such as ‘fabada’ (white bean cassoulet with red and black pudding), ‘cachopo’ (Asturian chateaubriand) as well as ‘tortos’ (corn fried pancakes served with pork red pudding). Restaurants can also be found in Boal, some 5 km from Palacio de Prelo.


Each year, in October, local beekeepers sell heather honey and beehive products during the renowned honey fair. Guests can participate in honey tastings as well as (Asturias) cider tastings. 

The gourmet (loose) tea list includes over 30 different varieties