Palacio de Meres - Asturias - Spain

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In the forest, one of the oak stains Carballo is located, which is best preserved in the centre of Asturias. Its botanical and faunal values enrich the environment of the House and provide an ecological value of great importance to the whole of the farm. With a surface area of six hectares, it is the perfect habitat for a large number of arthropods, vertebrates, mammals, molluscs and other animal species that live in freedom within the forest.


Nearby Oviedo is known for its beauty, cultural heritage and food.  Take a walk around the Old Town, where the Cathedral, the Holy Chamber, some churches and monasteries such as Las Pelayas, and museums, including the Fine Arts Museum and the Archaeological Museum, are worth visiting.


For some delicious tapas, the "Cider Boulevard" is the place to be. It is on the Calle Gascona, a street lined with restaurants and cider taverns. The Calle Uría forms the heart of the shopping district. Nearby, you will find the San Francisco Park. 


Monuments of Oviedo and the Kingdom of the Asturias have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.


Explore the beautiful nature, culture and architecture of Palacio de Meres