Palacio de Meres - Asturias - Spain

The world's most universal and graphic palace

Palacio de Meres

Palacio de Meres organizes family events (e.g. weddings, anniversaries and birthdays), business events (e.g. congresses, exhibitions and presentations of products) and cultural events (e.g. guided tours, exhibitions, concerts and film shootings). Plan, organize and manage, creating real illusions.  


History of Palacio de Meres

The first known settlement in Meres was the circular Tower of Defence (13th-14th century), which was destroyed by order of the Catholic monarchs.


The first construction of Palacio de Meres dates from the first half of the 15th century, but it was not until the end of the 16th century that it was refurbished and expanded. Pedro Argüelles, ‘El Negro’, was the first Lord of the House of Meres and his jurisdiction, as alderman of Oviedo, Siero and the seaports of the Principality of Asturias. In connection with this position, he receives a letter from the emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany to alert of possible invaders by the coast.


D. Antonio Argüelles Quiñones y Valdés, Marquis of the Paranza and Viscount of the Arenas, was ordered to extend the chapel of Santa Ana in the 17th century.


Currently, the palace belongs to the sons and grandchildren of Mrs. Laína Uría Ríu and Mr. Joaquín Cores Masaveu, direct descendants of the family.


To get to know the history of the Chapel of Meres we must focus our attention on three phases. Firstly, the 15th century hermitage dedicated to Santa Ana (of which only the main sculpture remains) is currently located in the upper part of the central altarpiece.


Secondly, dating back to 1585, a century later, when Pedro Argüelles Carrio or “El Mozo” expanded the family estate and transformed the old hermitage dedicated to Santa Ana. From that time, ecclesiastical authorisation to celebrate religious acts on festive days in the new building was given, just like the offshoot of the Parish in Tiñana, and it continues to be celebrated today.


And the third and current phase - it was extended again in the 17th century under the order of Antonio Argüelles Valdés. In 1707 the abbot of Arbás, Francisco Argüelles, brother of the Marquis, blessed the new temple, which was dedicated to Our Lady of Amparo where her sculpture is located inside the central niche. From then until today, the Palace holds its festival on the 15th of August each year, which is a great excuse for the family and town to get together.


The Palace of Meres has become a place of pilgrimage for renowned movie directors from across the world.  Its church, forest, gardens and property fit perfectly into the locations required for television and movie scripts. Movies, adverts, documentaries, television series, and videos have been filmed in the Palace.




Laina González Cores, manager of Palacio de Meres, is in charge of this estate. The family business is formed by the fifteenth and sixteenth generation, whose objective is the maintenance and enrichment of the heritage of our ancestors.