Rümene Manor - Kandava District - Latvia

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Rūmene Manor Gardens

Manor’s beautiful landscape includes a park in 16th century style, most probably designed by the famous landscape architect Georg Kufhalt in 1890. The park is reconstructed maintaining the old plantation of 364 rare trees, gravel paths and it is a great example of traditional Latvian countryside landscape with exceptionally rare plants and orchard. An Italian Renaissance terrace with grapevine-entwined wooden pergolas that connects the manor with the park will create special atmosphere for celebrations and memorable experiences. Park includes two in a unique technique developed large glass sculptures created by Latvian artist ernesto.


The Abava River

The Abava River winding its way through lush forests, centuries-old towns, cosy villages, several rapids, and mysterious caves, is bound to surprise and captivate any tourist or traveller. 



A shrubby cinquefoil bog trail is set up in a bog, where the shrubby cinquefoil (Pentaphylloides fruticosa) is growing in an area of 96 ha of wilderness. This is the only place in Latvia, where this yellow-blossom plant is growing in such a large area. The trail is marked with path markers. A plank-way is set up 700 metres from it, the rest is a forest trail. The total length of the trail is 4 kilometres. There are 17 plant, nine bird, 14 invertebrate, and two reptile species in the nature reserve, which are state protected in Latvia. Some of them you may be able to see along the nature trail, for example, sand lizard and different orchids.


The Venta Rapid

The Venta Rapid is the widest waterfall in Europe, which in spring and autumn offers a spectacular view of flying fish. The waterfall can be viewed along its entire length from both sides of the river, as well as from the old brick bridge across the Venta, which is located 200 m downstream from the waterfall.



The bustling port cities of Liepāja and Ventspils on the Baltic Sea are a mere two-hour drive from the Rūmene Manor. 


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