Rümene Manor - Kandava District - Latvia

Luxury for discerning guests from near and far.

Rūmene Manor Estate

Rūmene Manor is the country residence of the 5 star Hotel Bergs, part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and provides a wealth of activities in a haven of luxury for discerning guests from near and far.


The Rūmene Manor concept corresponds with the internationally recognised categories of resort and executive retreat. 


History of Rūmene Manor

Rūmene Manor - a 19th century Neo-Gothic gem, was designed by architect Teodors Zeilers and built in 1876, at a time when this architectural style became popular throughout Europe. The manor house is located on a small hill, with a system of steps and terraces connecting the house with a park. The picturesque park grounds include a lake with an artificial heart-shaped island. According to historians, the Neo-Renaissance system of terraces at the Rūmene Manor is quite rare and is considered to be one of the best examples of such constructions in Latvia. Covering almost eight hectares, the manor park is believed to have been designed in 1892 by landscape architect Georg Kuphaldt, who also designed the Arkādijas and Viesturdārzs parks in Riga.


Latvian architect Zaiga Gaile led the reconstruction of the Rūmene Manor house, adding modern amenities to the property and garnering the Latvian Association of Architects award for Best Reconstruction Project in 2008. Everything in the house appears touched by a fine patina of time, while the furnishings and built-in items are genuine and handmade.



Mr. J.N. Karlsons