Camugliano - Pisa - Italy

a place where everything is preserved with passion

Camugliano estate

The estate consists of 621 hectares of hunting reserve where the margus pays particular attention to preserving the biodiversity of the ecosystem at the same time as hunting practice. In Italy, this estate is the only one practicing pheasant hunting according to British dictates. In the 560 hectares of fields and woods, organic farming is used for the production.


History of Camugliano

Cereals, oil and wine

The foundation of the villa of Camugliano dates back to 1532 by Duke Alessandro de Medici. In 1537 Filippo Niccolini bought i tand the gran duke of tuscany gave him the title of Marchese dicamugliano. The marchese began the impressive work of thevilla invoked by its experts and did not fail to improve the overall state of the whole farm. Increasing crops, improving the state of thefield anddraining the soils of some areas along the cascina river.

Owner: Marchese N.L. Niccolini


Marchese Lorenzo has been holding the Camugliano estate since 1972, after which she was run for 16 years by grandma Lodovica. Now the Important and delicate work of preservation continues with his wife his wife Alessandra of Conti Marcello, an ancient family of Venice.


Manager: Signor Andrea Simoncini