Torre a Cona - Florence - Italy

One of the most sumptuous 18th century estates in Italy

Torre a Cona Estate

In the heart of Chianti, just 10 kilometres from Florence stands the magnificent estate of Torre a Cona, dominated by its monumental 18th century villa, property of Count Rossi of Montelera. Next to the villa and surrounded by breathtaking scenery of vineyards and olive groves, are the typical farmhouses, renovated and decorated with care by the Countess.


The legacy of the Rossi di Montelera family has its roots in Piedmont where they founded the Martini & Rossi vermouth business in 1879. Napoleone bought the Torre a Cona estate after the First World War. Today, his grandchildren Ludovica, Leonardo and Niccolò are actively engaged in developing the wine, agriculture and hospitality business.

History of Torre a Cona

Torre a Cona is one of the most beautiful and sumptuous 18th century villas in central Italy. The first documents date back to 1066 AD. Not yet structured as now, it was originally known as Quona Castle. Leveled to the ground, with the exception of the great tower, it was rebuilt between the 12th century and mid 18th century by the Marquis Rinuccini. During World War II the estate served first as headquarters for the German forces and later for the British. Various works of art from the Medici Chapels and the Duomo of Florence were protected here. This spared Torre a Cona from being bombed. 



Count Rossi di Montelera

 Torre a Cona