Commenda di San Calogero - Augusta - Italy

Located on the outskirts of the Iblean plateau, north of Syracuse overlooking mount Etna

Commenda di San Calogero estate 


The estate is still the same as it has been for more than 300 years. Citrus and olive tree groves ensure the production of home made estate produce such as orange blossom honey, citrus marmalade and of course extra virgin olive oil.


San Calogero is located on the end of the Ibleo plateau that looks out towards Mount Etna and the sea, around a deep valley, quarried for centuries for the white stone by the river bearing its name. The landscape, as well as that of the entire Ibleo area, is characterized by a profound difference between the arid but panoramic plains and the shaded and lush valleys. Country roads lead into the valleys with its rivers and grottos.


The Italian garden is situated behind the house: it is a parterre that combines English flower meadows with Mediterranean plants and ancient roses.


The main house has 12 comfortable double rooms and a large professionally equipped kitchen. Guests can also enjoy the salt-water swimming pool, which boasts a portico and a kitchen.


History of Commenda di San Calogero


In several sixteenth and eighteenth-century sources 'San Caloiro' is referred to as the location of the Pantacus river, so named by Ptolemy (second century AD), Virgil (I century BC) and Ovid (I century BC). As a former feudal state, the Commenda of San Calogero is located at the end of the Ibleo plateau, looking out towards Mount Etna. The estate and all the surrounding areas take their name from the historical passage of St. Calogero through these lands during the Byzantine period.


Numerous archaeological remains have been found dating back to the Bronze Age. The commenda was founded between 1301 and 1309 by a Norman nobleman from the order of St. James of the Sword. After the earthquake of 1693 the commenda was largely restored. For centuries, the estate has now belonged to the same family.


The Commenda di San Calogero is a grade I listed building due to its history, architecture and the presence of archaeological remains within the grounds and it is also a member of the association of Italian historic houses A.D.S.I.


Owner Commenda di San Calogero


Born and raised in Naples, Mrs. Pelli moved to the island of Sicily when she was 20 years old. After a long life as a horse riding enthusiast, she changed her lifestyle and renovated and restored her husband’s family country house which included a large Italian garden. Together with her son Andrea Matarazzo, an architect based in London, Mrs. Pelli began to manage the property, taking care of the estate with kindness, passion and her own personal involvement. Her skills as a cook are second to none, combining Sicilian and Neapolitan traditional cooking styles. It is not unusual to have Mrs. Pelli as your companion as you stroll around the estate.