Schloss Lütetsburg - Lower Saxony - Germany

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Lütetsburg has been more than just an aristocratic home for generations. The surrounding castle park is a lovely place to stroll, to linger and dream. Just a 5 km drive from the estate you will find Wadden Sea, a UNESCO site which has been under protection for more than a generation. Around 10,000 species of unicellular organisms and fungi grow alongside the plants and animals. It showcases in a unique way how plants and animals adapt to the ever-changing landscape providing a home for flora and fauna that hasbecome rare elsewhere. The bird migration is most spectacular in spring and autumn with several million birds migrating to the Wadden Sea.


Emden city


In the nearby city of Emden you will find the Kunsthalle which is Emden’s art gallery. It houses a range of big, bold canvases, focussing on 20th century art. The Bunkermuseum offers an insight into the Second World War with testimonies from people who sheltered here during the war. Next to museums, you will find a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars.


UNESCO Wadden Sea only 5 km away