Schloss Lütetsburg - Lower Saxony - Germany

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Guided tours

Get to know the exotic plants and rare botanically species of the - for East-Friesland - unique landscape garden.  Gain an insight into the special garden architecture of the historical castle garden. There are guided tours organised at the Schlosspark with an experienced guide from the Gartenroute Krummhörn (garden route) or with the Norder Stadtführer (city guide of Norden). 


Audio guide


Recently available are the audio guides, linked to signposts, which will lead you in the right directions along the route. This will enable you to learn more about the exciting background of Schlosspark, hear some interesting anecdotes and get to know a lot more about the history of the park and the family zu Innhausen und Knyphausen. 


Activities for children


There is also an audio guide available for children, where they will learn in a more playful way about the castle garden. They will be following the story of the bird Merle, who is in conversation with the gardener. The tour is available in the German language. At the end there is a little surprise for each child in the park shop. 

A highlight for children is the small motorised cars which they can drive through the park and then pick up a ‘driver’s licence’ in the park shop.


Learning more about the garden of the castle in a playful way