Schloss Lütetsburg - Lower Saxony - Germany

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Whether you would like to organize a wedding party, birthdays with family and friends or other events, Schloss Lütetsburg can cater to your needs. For rental inquiries of any kind, please contact the Central Administration, the Rentamt Lütetsburg (+49 (0) 493 142 54).




Experience the most beautiful day of your life in front of the historical and romantic backdrop of the Lütetsburg Palace Park. Both for civil and church weddings it offers you the perfect setting. For the subsequent celebration, the cultural barn is at your disposal.


Civil ceremony in the Temple of Friendship


Built in 1799, the Temple of Friendship is located in the immediate vicinity of Lütetsburg Castle and offers space for a maximum of 40 guests. Please inquire about vacancies and prices at the registry office Hage:


Church wedding in the Nordic Chapel


The Nordic Chapel, located in the heart of Schlosspark Lütetsburg, is at your disposal for your wedding with a priest. The atmospheric wooden chapel accommodates up to 25 guests.


The perfect place for your wedding day