Marsovy Chody Estate - Pilsen - Czech Republic

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For people enjoying hiking in the countryside there are endless opportunities available.  Also for cyclists there are many opportunities. 

The countryside is rural and ideal for horse riding as there are hardly any fences around the fields. It is possible to bring your own horse, as stables are available, however it is also possible to rent a horse at the estate. 

The village of Marsovy Chody has a tennis court, which can be rented and in Tachov one can make use of the public tennis court and book tennis lessons if desired.

Golf courses are available at Marianske Lazne and in the PiIsen area.

The estate has a heated swimming pool and in Tachov a big swimming pool is available to the public. Various ponds in the neighbourhood are available for swimming as well.


Hiking, horse riding, swimming; it is all possible at Marsovy Chody Estate