Marsovy Chody Estate - Pilsen - Czech Republic

The Historical Bohemian Estate

About Marsovy Chody Estate 

The estate is situated in West Bohemia approximately 20 kilometres across the Bavarian border close to the historical city of Tachov. 

The estate was established in 1997 when Anthony van Es bought three old, empty, demolished farmhouses originating from the 19th century and located in a little village called Marsovy Chody. The estate consists of 240 hectares of grass and arable land and 20 hectares of forest and bushes.
Over the years two farmhouses have been completely renovated and the third one is still under renovation and is being converted into a small hotel. 


On the estate an ecologically certified farm has been established since 2006 where pure Aberdeen Angus cattle are bred.

The estate is situated in a hilly landscape along the West Bohemian Forest and consists mainly of meadows, with some arable land, bushes, swamps, ponds and forests. There are little steams crossing the estate.


History of Marsovy Chody Estate

The village of Marsovy Chody, formerly known as Marskotten (when this part of Bohemia was historical Sudetenland, until the end of the second World War), consists of 27 farmhouses. Until 1945 the area was part of an extensive estate belonging to the noble family zu Windisch-Greatz. 

After the Second World War all German-speaking people were expelled from this area, which meant the majority of all the houses became unoccupied. During the communist years thereafter people from other areas, like Ukraine and Romania, occupied these empty houses.

Two of the three houses, that are now part of the estate, were empty for at least 10 to 20 years before the van Es family acquired the property and started a complete renovation.


Estate Owner

Robert van Es