Kinský dal Borgo - Hradec Králové - Czech Republic

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Dining facilities are available at Karlova Koruna and Kost, as well as at Obora. The restaurant at Karlova Koruna, which is open during weekends, offers a mixed cuisine including typical Czech dishes. Hotel Obora Kinský offers a mix of traditional Czech dishes and Italian cuisine. The kitchen specialises in cooking wild game and serving local products. The restaurant at Kost Castle is typically medieval and also offers an outside grill facility, serving both fresh meat and fish. At Kost guests can also taste a special locally brewed beer.


Zámecká Terasa

This restaurant is located on the terrace of the Karlova Koruna Castle. In this restaurant you can not only enjoy a wonderful meal, but you will experience the complete experience of high quality food. With good taste and quality products, beautiful dishes will be presented to you, while you are enjoying the wonderful view of the Karlova Koruna Castle and its surroundings.


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Hotel Obora Kinský

At the restaurant of the Obora Kinský Hotel, you will find the Obora Kinský Restaurant. This restaurant is specialized in serving wild game meat which is coming directly from the hunting grounds of the Kinský dal Borgo estate. If you see the "Z Panství Kinský dal Borgo" label, you are sure to have products that are coming directly from the Kinský dal Borgo estate. The herbs, vegetables, fruits, honey etc. that are being used in the restaurant are usually coming from the estate.


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Restaurant At the Dragon

At the historical site of the Kost Castle, you can also enjoy a nice meal in combination with a beautiful view, at restaurant At the Dragon.


The kitchen specialises in cooking wild game