Kinský dal Borgo - Hradec Králové - Czech Republic

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The Karlova Koruna Castle

The castle “Karlova Koruna” (Charles’ Crown) is one of the foremost Baroque castles in the Czech Republic and was designed by Jan Santini Aichel who was one of the main baroque architects of Italian origin. The castle was built in 1721-1723 as the summer-seat of Count Frantisek Ferdinand Kinský, in honour of the coronation of the Emperor Charles VI, king of Bohemia. Later it took the name “Charles’ Crown” to commemorate the emperor’s visit to the castle. The building has a unique ground plan, which is of the royal crown. It consists of a cylindrical core with three wings, each of three rooms with square floors. The ground floor has a round central hall and the rooms that open onto this central hall, are dedicated to an exhibition of the family.


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The Kost Castle

Kost Castle is located in the Czech Republic, 80 km north of Prague. This fortress was originally built after 1371, probably by Beneš of Wartenberg, who had the long hall and tower erected as a defensive castle. John Hasenberg then acquired it, in 1456, but he took part in a rebellion against his king, George of Podebrad and his son sold Kos Castle and Castle Trosky to John of Schnellenberg in 1490. After 50 years, Jan of Biberstein had the “Renaissance” wing of the castle built, with the big kitchen. His niece inherited Kost Castle and her husband, Krisof Popel of Lobkowitz, added the brewery, the “Lobkowitz” palace and other farm buildings, which were fortified and joined to the castle. Albrecht of Waldstein’s plans to redesign Kost into a country home with the angular White Tower, which is five storeys high and with its south-eastern part pointing towards the Plakánek valley. The tower is part of the battlements erected from stone blocks. It was destined to the defence. The mansard roof dates only from the 18th century. The castle also has a smaller cylindrical tower dating from the end of the 14th century close to the main gate.


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