Kinský dal Borgo - Hradec Králové - Czech Republic

A beautiful estate with 9 different forests

Kinský dal Borgo Estate

Kinský dal Borgo in the Czech Republic is a very interesting estate with many different features. Firstly, they are producers of timber and oak flooring. They manage over 8000 hectares of forest, both conifers and broad-leaf, and a sawmill that adds value to their timber. Secondly there is a possibility for hunting. The family owns about 7500 hectares of hunting ground, which enables them to ensure their own vision of wildlife management offering different hunting experiences to guests. The estate holds the esteemed Wildlife Estates Label. The estate also offers 300 hectares of lakes and ponds where in most cases fish-farming is carried out. The company owns about 300 hectares of agricultural land, which is partly managed and partly rented out. The baroque chateau, Karlova Koruna and the gothic castle Kost attract tens of thousands of visitors each year with many couples choosing these locations for their weddings. Also seminars, team building exercises and recreation are possible at the estate. Several locations, including Hotel Obora Kinský is available for a wide range of private and corporate events. Lastly the company also rents out three sand quarries for excavation.


History of Kinský dal Borgo Estate

The properties in and around Chlumec nad Cidlinou are part of the original estate owned by the Kinský family. This estate dates back to the XVIIth Century, when the Kinský family first owned the town of Chlumec in 1611.

The estate, including and surrounding Kost castle, came into the family with the marriage of Norbert Kinský and Anna-Maria dal Borgo-Netolický. Both estates have been confiscated, first during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia then again after the rise to power of the Communist party. After the Velvet Revolution, most of the historical properties were given back to their rightful owners between 1989-1992.




Counts Giovanni Kinský dal Borgo and Pio Kinský dal Borgo


Giovanni and Pio are the sons of Norbert Kinský and Anna-Maria dal Borgo-Netolický. They were born in Pisa (Italy) as their father had to escape from Czechoslovakia following the coup d’état by the Communist party. Both brothers grew up in Italy and only after 1989 were given the opportunity to claim back the family property in the Czech Republic. Since then they founded the Kinský dal Borgo a.s. Company and share both the management of the family properties in Italy and in the Czech Republic.



Counts Francesco Kinský dal Borgo and Carlo Kinský dal Borgo


Francesco and Carlo are the sons of Giovanni and Pio respectively, They were also born in Pisa and have been living in Chlumec nad Cidlinou since 2012.