Valle Escondido - Catamarca - Argentina

The mountains and altitude variation give rise to various ecosystems. The west hill belongs to the bioclimatic stage “Chaco Forest”. At around 800 m the vegetation consists of emblematic trees like “Quebracho” as well as spike shrubs. The summit is at 1400 m to 2.000 m, with a grassland area and an incredible landscape. From the top of the mountain you can see the “Andes” Mountain range. The east hill belongs to the bioclimatic stage “Yunga”. This kind of forest is really dense and evergreen. You will find a variety of rivers and small waterfalls. Valle Escondido has approximately 6,500 hectares of farmland. This attracts a population of golden eared doves, which is a spectacle in itself. Besides this, you can also find Andean condor, the poma eagle, the guaypo and the Darwin patridge on the estate. The estate manages more than 21,000 hectares of wildlife specialising in game hunting. Because of the variety of landscapes you will find many different species. For example fallow deer, black antelope, red deer, water buffalo, axis deer, puma, wild boar and the pecarí along with small game such as dove, pigeon, plain partridges, Andean grouse, duck and snipe.


Mountains and farmland