Valle Escondido - Catamarca - Argentina

A stunning hunting estate

Valle Escondido estate

In the Northwest of Argentina you will find the hidden treasure that is Valle Escondido.


The 12,500 hectares of nature and wildlife give you the opportunity to get a real taste of freedom as well as offering you the most spectacular wild scenery.


The main activity in Valle Escondido and Caraguay Lodge is the conservation and development of game animals. There are 12,500 hectares certified by the Wildlife Estates committee which include a variety of habitats. This estate is one of the pilot projects in Argentina, carrying out various activities of rural tourism, such as hunting, bird watching, horse riding and trekking.


History of Valle Escondido

The Estate is located on the “Sierra de Ancasti” mountain range. It is one of the best-preserved native forests in Argentina. A conservation management programme was started in 2007 and since then they have carried out conservation plans for valuable species of fauna such as the Andean Condor, Ocelot, Puma and also plant species like Podocarpus.



José Luis Charro Caballero

Forest Engineer