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Toledo – Spain

Set in a beautiful rustic estate, the house for rent makes up 1500 m2. Some of the gardens are designed in the local style, allowing you to relax and unwind. The estate has an extensive diversity of wildlife and offers plenty of hunting possibilities.


In 1922 Ciguiñuelas estate covered 12.000 Ha. The main use of the land was to grow cereal crops, cork trees, raise goats and to produce charcoal from oak, holm oak and heather wood. The estate then belonged to the Marquis of Orellana, who sold it in 1947 to Mr. José Mª Tradacete (a pharmacist).

Around 1950 Mrs. Pilar Colón de Carvajal bought the estate and sold a part of it some years later. In 1960 Ciguiñuelas was bought by the company “Dehesa del Cerezo” who are the current owners. The estate is divided between the different associates of the company. In 1978 the estate reached its current size of 3.990 Ha.

Since then, a very comprehensive project has been undertaken in order to recover the original flora and fauna. The project included stopping the massive felling of trees for the production of charcoal and replacing this with a mandatory reforestation programme of indigenous species such as coniferous trees by the 1970’s.

Goat breeding was replaced by the breeding of game animals which enabled indigenous wildlife species to return to the area, which became a very important nature reserve. Cork is still produced at the estate and it is cut every ten years.


On the national wildlife reservation, Parque Nacional de Cabañeros, there is a mixture of Mediterranean landscape along with some areas of Atlantic vegetation with pastures, holm oak or cork oak groves and scrub. Tundra-like pastures and forested areas dominate the area.

Wildlife is abundant and for bird watchers there are some very special species around such as black storks, Eurasian black vultures, Egyptian vultures, the Spanish imperial eagle and the royal eagle. Other wildlife that roams the area include inter alia, roe deer and wild boar. More information about other activities in the National Park can be found on:

Holiday villa

The main house at Ciguiñuelas dates from 1934, and was built at the request of the Marquis of Orellana, the owner at that time. The estate was restored in 1951 with several renovations since then, the most recent being 2012, when a satellite internet connection was installed.

Ciguiñuelas offers 9 rooms: 3 suites (max. 4 pax.), 5 double rooms and 1 triple room in its 1500m2 Spanish colonial style building. The rooms are furnished in a traditional Spanish style and are both comfortable and functional. The walls are decorated with pictures and paintings of the region and the bathrooms are recently renovated..

The building is surrounded by quiet gardens and ancient trees, with beautiful terraces and a pool in the inner patio and a tennis court. Trails for cycling, walking and quad biking are available. A camera is definitely recommended to capture the beauty all around.

Visitors can either self cater or arrange for meals to be prepared for a full board service.


The main activity of Ciguiñuelas is hunting and one of the main aims of the estate is renting the whole premises for this purpose.

The following species can be  sustainably hunted on the estate:

– Wild boar, roe deer

– Pigeons

– Partridges

– Turtle doves

If the whole estate is hired for a day or two, the owners provide the means, vehicles and staff needed for the successful running of the event, including accommodation and meals.


The estate is well suited for family gatherings, business meetings, and weddings! A small chapel is available on the estate, where the ceremony can be held.


Please contact the estate directly for more information, questions or requests.

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